Do I have to live in Saratoga Springs to take advantage of your services?



What does it cost to utilize Capital CFO?





Why do I need a CFO?




What is my first step?

No, our services are available to anyone that lives in the US. We are able to provide remote applications to complete your financial needs. Our company is equipped to offer our PT financial experts regardless of your location.



Our services are affordable because we build a customized plan for your company or organization. Most small to mid-sized companies do not need a full time bookkeeper or CFO and that is where our part-time financial team can help. Whether you need day to day data entry/bookkeeping, or full presentation of financial statements, Capital CFO is here to help and work with you. As your needs continue to grow with your business we will work closely with you to reassess the project. For our bookkeeping service, plans start at $500 a month.


You didn't start your business or become the head of an organization because you are a financial expert. You are there to grow and succeed. The accounting, bookkeeping and financial aspects of your business are important to how you run your company, but it is time consuming and if not done properly, can lead to more headaches down the road. Allow our financial experts to put the complicated pieces together for you so you can focus on your vision. 


Contact our office today to set up an initial consultation. We will work with you on your financial and recruitment needs. Once we have a plan, Capital CFO will be checking in on a weekly basis on your finances. We are here to answer questions, be available for board presentations and offer guidance on your financial business plan.