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- Bookkeeping for your business

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- Recruitment and Administrative services

Working in your business so you can work on your business


Welcome to Capital CFO. We help small to mid-sized companies and nonprofits outsource their bookkeepers, CFOs and financial departments. Capital CFO understands that finance is not simply about balance sheets and income statements, it is about decision making. I started this company to offer a way for businesses and nonprofit leaders to find the balance and the professional expertise they need. I have served as a nonprofit CEO for close to a decade and understand first hand the stresses of trying to do it all. I know it is not sustainable to be doing the work and growing the company, we are here to help. 

“Capital CFO becomes part of your company’s fabric, we are weaved in and part of the solution.”
— Sabrina Houser, Owner


Bookkeeping for your business

You didn’t start your company to be a bookkeeper, we did. Let our professional team level the playing field by giving you the experts you deserve.

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The Role of a CFO

As your partner, our CFOs become a part of your company's fabric, we are weaved in and are part of the solution.

Why We’re Different


Recruitment and Administrative services

Administrative service managers maintain facilities and supervise activities that include record keeping, mail distribution, and office upkeep.

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Our Practice

Capital CFO has an accomplished and dedicated group of Bookkeepers, Accountants and CFOs on your side to help you grow and succeed. Whether you are a small to mid-sized business or a nonprofit agency, we are committed to exceeding the needs of our clients and we pride ourselves on telling your financial story in clear and transparent terms. We share your vision of growth and are here to effectively and efficiently meet your objectives. Let our team take care of the complicated financial pieces, so you can focus on your work.

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Working in your business so you can work on your business


The boutique experience, size DOES matter

Size does matter and with Capital CFO's boutique experience, that means less is more. Our team is highly-trained and provides personal attention and service to you, meeting your specific needs. We focus on less is more because we care about relationships and loyalty - quality matters to us. Capital CFO’s “A-Team” puts the right people to work on your bottom line, becoming trusted advisers for our clients.

Our higher level of service and personal attention to detail is how we achieve our ultimate goal of developing lasting and rewarding personal relationships with our clients.

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