Meet our team

Capital CFO’s accomplished and dedicated Bookkeepers, Accountants and CFOs help you grow and succeed. Our professionals know how important your financial health is to telling your company's story. It's about having a strong foundation for your business.

We are with you every step of the way to inform and guide you to make important financial decisions impacting your company's bottom line. If you need help inputting day to day accounting and bookkeeping, or expert guidance on your financial business plan, we are the team you can trust.

Our track record

  • Streamlining operations.

  • Simplifying financial plans and statements. 

  • Improving organizational accountability, efficiency and organization. 

  • Managing communications to ensure transparency. 

  • Ensuring timely and accurate financial reports.


Sabrina Houser, Owner 

Sabrina Houser started Capital CFO in 2016. Having worked in the nonprofit arena for twenty years, Sabrina saw first hand the need for accuracy, efficiency and transparency when it came to a company's finances. She has the unique perspective of working as a CEO of a nonprofit and the experience in managing multiple funding sources and contracts.   As the CEO, she oversaw all fiscal and fiduciary responsibilities for the organization and she provided direct leadership and oversight for the agency's finance and accounting functions including compliance with relevant government regulations. Sabrina believes that your financial health leads investors, customers and clients to feel confident in a company's stability and potential for growth. You can contact Sabrina at


jennifer manny, Administrative Services

Jennifer Manny has worked in finance for fifteen years. She has worked for several agencies in the not for profit sector auditing and invoicing grants and contracts awarded by county, state, private and federal agencies. Additionally, she has acted as a bookkeeper in the private sector responsible for payroll and benefit management. Currently, she manages day to day operations, accounting and bookkeeping for a family business. Jennifer joined Capital CFO in 2016 and believes that communication and organization are at the core of financial success.  You can contact Jennifer at


Amy T. Smith, Bookkeeper 

Amy has been a working as a bookkeeper for over 15 years. She is an expert in data management and accounting software. In 2017, she joined Capital CFO and is committed to handling the bookkeeping, data entry and financial record keeping for your company. Amy has reputation for transparency, efficiency and accuracy. 


Marci Persons, Controller/CFO

Marci has worked in finance for more than 15 years.  She has experience in both the nonprofit and private sectors.  Currently, she is employed as an Accountant for a nonprofit organization, managing their day to day accounting functions including aspects of Human Resources and IT Management.  She is a proven Finance Office Manager with a reputation for organization and accuracy.  She has setup accounting software and POS systems for multiple organizations.  Her knowledge of data management and computer software, with her ability to adapt and learn quickly make her a valuable asset to any project. You can reach Marci at


Toni reynolds, bookkeeper

Toni has been a bookkeeper for almost 20 years. She has joined Capital CFO to take care of the day to day recording of financial transactions for your company. She is detail oriented with accuracy and efficiency. Toni joined our team in 2019 and we are honored to have her work with our clients. Toni can be reached at


CAssandra chiaravalle-randall, bookkeeper

Cassandra has been a working as an accountant/bookkeeper for over 10 years. She grew up in the restaurant industry in Lake George, NY as well as opened up her own restaurant business in 2018. Being an entrepreneur herself, she loves the satisfaction of helping other business owners streamline and understand their books so they can fully concentrate on their craft. Cassandra is well versed in data/business management, accounting software and record-keeping. In 2019, she joined Capital CFO and is committed to helping business owners with the handling of their books, helping them to understand where money comes and goes in their business so that they can reach the goals they strive to accomplish. Cassandra is a people person with a reputation for transparency, efficiency and accuracy. Cassandra can be reached at