Our Mission

Is to work in your business so you can work on your business. We fulfill our mission by:

Explaining your financials so they are clear and easy to understand.

Being transparent with our work and allowing you to be too.

Being accurate and exact with our reporting and record keeping.


Our values…

To provide you with a strong, calm, and honest team. These guiding principals lead us in all circumstances and allow us to work with integrity.

Our team is strong and experienced. We are confident in our work and are able to help you through the complexity of your financials.

We are the calm force you need. We know there are a lot of pressures on a business owner and we provide you with the peace of mind that a poised expert is working in your business.

We are honest and trustworthy. You can rely on our dedicated team of professionals to take care of your financial pieces, allowing you to work on your business.

My Why…

I started Capital CFO because I saw a need for small and mid-sized businesses and nonprofits to outsource their bookkeeping and CFO work. Companies that do not need full-time employees or a department think they have no other option than doing it themselves. And I saw that they were holding their breath, hoping it would all work out. When I meet with clients, there is this feeling of finally exhaling and realizing that they do have options, they do have control, and they are able to get back to their roles and find their hum again. Getting to be a part of your company's fabric brings me joy and pride. Capital CFO is here to simplify your finances and help you put your financial pieces together.


My reason.

I was born in this area and spent ten years living in Rochester. I never thought I would move back home, but living in Saratoga Springs has made me realize what an amazing place we get to live in. My family and I wake up in an area where most come to vacation. Our little town comes to life in the summer but stays alive all year round.

I wanted to start a company that would help me get back to feeling connected with who I am and what is important to me. I work very hard at balance in my life and although we all define that differently, for me it is about getting to spend time making memories with my family. I love to write and take advantage of the adventures of our town. My husband and I have two children, who are the best people I know, and a little dog that owns our heart. We adore our town, we rally around our community, we feel fortunate to have found our home, and our reason.