Nonprofit Financial Management

- Budgeting

- Financial Statements

- Cash flow

I have close to 20 years of nonprofit experience. I worked my way up to CEO and CFO for an agency that owns my heart and I understand your pull to the mission and your feelings of being overwhelmed. I saw the struggles of nonprofit leaders and felt the pressure. I know that the mission is what drives you, I know that you believe in your work and I know that you somehow work harder, do more with less, and keep adding to your plate. This is a big reason why I started Capital CFO. I know there are agencies that need a professional on their side, handling their finances but not necessarily a full-time position or a department. Our outsourced bookkeepers and CFOs are able to work with you and be on your side so you can sell your mission and tell your story.

And your financial statements are the story you want to tell to your donors, stakeholders, board of directors, and staff. They are how agencies know if they are doing well, where to cut costs, how much cash they have on hand, and help create a clear picture and path to your year end. Capital CFO is your team to handle the management of your accounting operations and breakdown the analysis in clear and transparent terms. Our financial reporting and analysis include:

  • Cash Management

  • Manage the preparation of all monthly and annual financial reports including tracking for grants

  • Budget preparation, management, and analysis of end of year projections

  • Financial forecasts, and cash flow for the organization

  • Help to summarize the current financial status

  • Provide timely and accurate analysis of financial reports and trends

  • Assist the President/CEO and Board of Directors in defining their roles and evaluating performance

  • Advise with long range planning including the introduction of new programs/strategies

  • Enhance and/or develop policies and procedures that will improve the overall effectiveness of the organization

  • Provide education on financial issues that impact your budget and growth

  • Provide strategic financial input and leadership on decisions affecting the organization


Nonprofits face challenges, nonprofit leaders find solutions.

Nonprofit leaders are tackling some of the most difficult, multi-faceted, and systemic challenges in business.  They operate in a system that under-funds and relies on sweat equity to make ends meet.  But leaders create a culture that understands what it really takes to deliver on mission and are committed to building a revenue and business model that ensures financial sustainability and impact. Because nonprofit leaders are running a business, and selling a vision. They are not only leaders, they are important to your community.  Capital CFO proudly offers training for nonprofit executives, Boards and CEOs to help them tell their important story. 


Creating a Powerful Board

We all know that an effective Board of Directors is key to running a successful nonprofit. This training will help your board model the way. 


Transparent finance meetings

What should be covered? What questions should a finance committee member be asking? How do the numbers translate to mission and vision? This training covers a transparent finance meeting for committee members and CEOs. 


An effective board meeting

This training focuses on the big picture for  board members, shortens board meeting times, and allows members to feel a part of process. Learn how to engage the board through effective and efficient meetings.